Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Ass Fisting

Last Friday I had lunch with a former sub. He heard from a mutual friend I'd been sick and wanting to see how I was. I thought it was more a case of testing the ground to see how it lay in regards to me allowing him to sub for me. More than his concern for my welfare. Which hadn't been a concern of his before.

We had lunch and my intuition was spot on and I smiled when he brought up us playing again together. It has been a number of years.  I honestly wasn't bothered about playing with him. I have more than enough subs. But, his suggestion appealed both in kinkiness and fitting perfectly into my schedule. I go back to work Tuesday and I'm bored being at home. I wanted to see the eclipse at lunchtime but I have the afternoon free.

 I arrive at his home and he brings me a coffee. I'm surprised he remembers how I take it and it's not black. I go to the bathroom and tell him to strip naked and get in the bathtub. I also strip naked and straddle his face rubbing my pussy on it. Then I pee covering his face and filling his mouth with my golden nectar. I turned on the shower when I'd finished and allowed him to suckle my breasts and lick my pussy. After we showered off I dressed and pulled him by the hair naked to his bed.

 He had the supplies I needed ready. He's a dirty little pig who needs fisting.  I put on my long disposable fisting glove and rub crisco all over his asshole and my hand. I slowly began the process of opening him up ,fingers to fist ,to penetrating so deep my arm was inserted up to my elbow and my fingers were touching the wall of the rectum . I pulled out my arm and put on my strap on. I finished off by pegging him until he spurted cum all over the bed and floor.  We lay exhausted on the bed after but I reminded him he was not permitted to rest yet. He still had to give me an orgasm with his tongue.

The above picture was taken after he'd cum , just as I was pulling out.. Check out the floor,
wonder what that is and you can still make out the Crisco on his butt cheeks.

Monday, 21 August 2017

My Enema Nurse

My Enema Nurse  ( Click Link for full story)

Unbeknown to me she had brought in ropes and proceeded to tie me spread-eagled to the bed. My legs were spread apart although not painfully and my arms were tied over my head not allowing me any freedom of movement except I could move my hips up and down. As I pondered my position my vision started clearing and I became aware that "Sherry", my nurse was wheeling this huge contraption over to the bed. Taking a look I could see that it consisted of a large red enema bag, obviously filled to the brim by the way it was bulging, hanging high on a stand with a larger than normal hose coming out the bottom. Smiling seductively, my nurse was busy looking through a drawer holding up different enema nozzles trying to decide which one to use. All this time I was starting to get pretty horny watching this and figured that once she gave me the enema, I would get up go to the bathroom, get dressed and leave. She selected a large nozzle and brought it over to where I was tied and said , "this little balloon on the inside will keep you from any accidents, and this balloon on the outside will keep the nozzle from going in too far.
Slipping the nozzle on the tube she set about greasing it up and pursing her lips said, " are you ready for my treatment K__?" Climbing on the bed I all of a sudden noticed that she didn't have any pants on under the uniform but this exciting sight was replaced immediately by the feeling of the enema nozzle entering my ass. It felt great going in and only served to make my cock harder as she pushed it        in further and further. She stopped and then pumped up the balloon inside me. It felt like I wanted to go to the bathroom but knew I couldn't then. Straddling my legs, Sherry said, "are you ready for the enema?" I weakly responded "I think so" and I heard the click of the clamp that had been holding back the hot water that was about to invade my insides. I suddenly felt the force of the water gushing into me, warming my most inner parts, filling me with a delicious feeling that took away all my inhibitions and embarrassment about being naked in front of this gorgeous nurse. As the enema continued to fill me My Enema Nurse softly stroked my legs and stomach which was rapidly filling up and I indicated so to her. She cooed that just a little more and she would stop. As my insides filled to the point of being uncomfortable she finally shut of the flow and said, "lets let the water soak a little before you let it out." I wasn't in a position to say no so I laid there and waited. She then took the hose apart and stuck the other end in a large drain in the table and opening the clamp let the enema inside me run into the drain. I was amazed that so much water was in there as it kept running out for several minutes. After a while my nurse says, "well that was good for your first one but the next one should do even better." Another enema, oh well and as she hadn't removed the nozzle I was feeling pretty good by this time and said, I could probably take more water this time as there was more room now and she agreed.

Friday, 18 August 2017


Apologies for the tardy responses. For those of you not readers of my blog diary I've been in hospital. I know my readers on here , are here for the naughty stuff  so would not be aware of that.. I'm home now and catching up slowly with your messages and emails.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Rimming, ass licking

I know this is very popular and Mistress Anna enjoys it being done to her.
I was on a website called complex which has some interesting do's and don'ts to make it an enjoyable experience.

1-Do wash the area first 
2- Trim the butt hair
3-Don't bite the skin around the butt
4-Don't expel gas from your butt in their face (yuck)

Technically rimming is licking around the anus opening .There are many nerve endings there making it an erogenous zone.  It does not mean sticking your tongue up someone's butt. But, I'm almost sure some of you do

Mistress Anna likes to  sit on her subs, pantyboys  and slaves faces. Her ample butt cheeks surrounding their mouths. Then they are ordered to lick . If I'm feeling merciful I will move so you can get air. But, be quick before I smoother your face again.

Some lovely artwork by Giko

Mistress Anna's Butt for you to lick

Glamour stunning mistresses playing with their silent slave in turn

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mistress Anna's Pet

A few years ago I decided to buy db a special Christmas present. I went to the local Wal-Mart Store and purchased a large dog collar, a leather leash and a stainless steel dog dish.  I also ordered a dog tag off a vendor on eBay and had it engraved with the words- Property of Mistress Anna.

I wrapped them up and presented them to him. I think he was a little shocked when he saw them.  He protested about me taking him to a new level of degradation. But ,i  told him Mistress knows best. db was still unhappy and shaking his head when I fastened the collar around his neck. I fastened the leash to the collar and told him to get down on his hands and knees and crawl around like a dog. Reluctantly he did ,but when I put the dogs water dish in front of him he just looked at it. By this time i  was losing patience and pushed his head into the water dish and took the leash and gave him several hard slaps across the buttocks and thighs. Then with teary eyes he  recited Mistress Anna owns me and meekly submitted to drinking his bowl of water.
The image above shows an interesting variation with a cage .It might be something to consider. Also, I did read once about having your pet urinate in a cat litter box.  Maybe also something for future consideration.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Masturbation Schedule

A number of blog readers have asked for a masturbation schedules. Unfortunately due to time restraints I can't do individual ones . So, this is a quick one for you 

Mon, Wed ,Fri -  You are allowed to masturbate and climax

Sat, Sun - You may may stroke your cock but NO climax

Tues, Thurs - No touching

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Picnic with Lapdog

Lapdog prepared a picnic under my instructions of food and wine I would like and we drove out of the city to a conservation area for our picnic.

We found a nice spot on some sand by the river and lapdog set out a blanket. He served me some food and wine and even rubbed my feet.

We had a long conversation about what he wanted to experience as a sub. Even though I prefer sissy subs I think I can do this.
Lapdog wants PAIN. He wants to be pushed to his limits and beyond. In my mind I'm thinking Pinhead from Hellraiser. Maybe, that's a bit extreme.  We have already had one brief encounter where I whipped and flogged him. But, he wants to scream in pain and beg with the safe word. It's not my usual style of play but  I'm always looking for something new .

I just hope he doesn't forget the safe word !!!!