Wednesday, 9 May 2018

When a Male Dom asks for a demo

                                                                         A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a male Dom wanting me to give him a lesson on candle wax. His submissive wanted to do it and he wasn’t sure what wax to use etc. I agreed to give him a demo. However on the said day the sub unexpectedly had to pick up a sick child from school. So, the Dom became my sub for the purpose of the demo. I showed him the low temperature body wax candles. Explained where he can buy them. Then used his naked body to demonstrate. I slapped his skin a little just to warm it up and he asked me what level was I spanking at. He said it feels like a medium. I couldn’t contain my laughter and said it was just warm up play. I was only lightly slapping the skin. I asked if he wanted to feel a medium slap. He said yes. Oh did he squeal when I slapped him lol. You can see my hand mark on his skin. I don’t think he’d make the cut as a sub.    

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Special Memory

                                                                   Ten years ago I was on a site called My Space. I’m sure some of you will remember that site. I met some amazing people on that site. One of them was an amazing Australian woman. She was a tall, slender beautiful redhead. We became really close cyber friends sending each other gifts in the mail. Eventually we both ended up telling the other that we had a sexual attraction to the other. Just by chance she was going to London on vacation and I was also planning a trip to Britain to visit an elderly relative. So, we planned our trips so I would be in London the same time as her for 3 days. She had arrived 2 days before me and came to meet me at the airport. She was just so beautiful. We hugged and kissed and went to the hotel room. I said I needed to shower after being flying and in transit for 24 hours. I stripped off in the bathroom , got in the shower and was washing my hair. I didn’t hear her getting in with me. The first time I realized it was when she was stood behind me kissing my neck with her hands cupping my breasts. I turned to face her and we kissed. Such a soft passionate kiss. My body just melted. My pussy so wet with anticipation. I sucked on her beautiful firm little breasts. Her nipples hardening between my teeth. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. We got on the bed. Kissing and stroking each other. Our wet hair soaking the pillows. She pushed me onto my back and slowly licked and kissed my body. I was tingling with want. Wanting her fingers, her lips to touch my pussy. Wanting her to taste me. When her fingers touched my pussy lips, parting them, exploring with her fingers a gasp escaped my lips. I was so wet I swear I could feel it like a river running out of me. Then like an exquisite dream she started to lick me. Oh my god she had the most amazing tongue her long beautiful red hair wrapped in my hands as I had the most incredible orgasm. We lay in each other’s arms cuddling while my body recovered. Then I said to her it’s your turn. I kissed her breasts, so soft and responsive. Her soft belly and thighs and finally my kisses finding her soft smooth pussy. My fingers and tongue touching exploring her intimately. Seeing how she responded to my touch. Tasting her. How wet she got. My fingers inside her and my tongue slowly, gently teasing her clit. Feeling her orgasm. So special. We cuddled up after and kissed , tasting ourselves on the others lips before drifting off into a luxurious dreamy sleep.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Most Amazing Orgasm

Have you ever had one of those mind boggling orgasms where you are paralyzed and unable to move and hardly breathe after. That was me on Wednesday last week. I'd spent the evening with my special friend Blues Man he likes to torture me by bringing me close to orgasm then slowing down so I can't quite get there. He did this numerous times until I was begging him to let me cum. Then he started thrusting deeper and wrapping my hair around his hands and pulling it hard. Then I knew he was going to let me cum. I just let myself ride the orgasm it was incredible I wasn't even aware of what was going on around me, my head and body felt like it was floating . When I crashed though it was hard. I couldn't move or speak after and he wrapped a blanket round me and cuddled me until I could talk. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017


                                                                        About two weeks ago I reactivated my AFF account. I actually only did it because Blues man wanted to meet couples. However, it's been interesting as to how much interest I've had. As of today I have over 150 unread messages and the chances of me ever replying is probably zero. I  do care deeply about Blues Man but since it's not mutual ( I spent 10 hours with him yesterday and the only time he kissed me was when I was leaving), so I have taken the opportunity to explore what else is out there. I have met a few interesting people .One is a couple who I am hooking up with for a threesome today, another is a guy I've made friends with. I call him man with a dog. I'm not sure if this will develop into anything. Our chats are not sexual in nature but he is taking me out after work tomorrow. The third was a guy called Fucktoy. A submissive who I hooked up last week. Such an angelic face. Early thirties, blonde curls and very tall. We had a wonderful time and he did an amazing job servicing me. I stayed after for coffee since he wanted to chat. Some, pics of our meeting.                                                                    

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sissy Dinner Party

                         About 2 weeks ago my Sissy sub invited me to a dinner party. Just a small gathering of 4 people. Just us and a male dominant we both know and his Sissy sub. My sub is recently separated and this was a new venture for him. He cooked us a wonderful meal and the other Sissy served us then we all ate together. The chicken was spectacular and a nice light mousse for dessert. After the meal we retired to the living room. I was served another glass of wine and my Sissy removed my shoes and rubbed my feet. We decided to play a game of cards against humanity which of course only seems to highlight my deprived  mind. The male Dom decides the sissys should put on a show for us. So, we make them spank each other. Which is fun to watch but not nearly as much fun as watching them suck each other's cocks. The male Dom is getting very aroused and decides to get in on the action. So, he makes one of them suck his cock and orders the other to fuck the one sucking. The he turns to me and asks if I want him to fuck me. I decline saying I was having a wonderful time watching. The male dominant and I have been intimate in the past and we do on occasion hook up purely as fuck buddies. But today wasn't going to be one of those days. I enjoyed watching him cum in my sissys mouth. Sissy gagged a lot trying to swallow it. It must of been a big load. I then gave the sissys permission to masturbate each other. Did I cum well of course I did. I allowed the male dominant to masturbate me while I watched the sissys.