Thursday, 19 October 2017

Mistress Anna and a female Submissive

This is an older story from about 18 months ago . I've had many sexual experiences in my life but that was unbelievable. The chemistry between the 4 of us was electric. Poor Oral Artist was blown away. Poor guy had a throbbing erection and wild dreams that kept him awake all night. He text me at 6am to ask if I enjoyed it as much as him . YES, I really did.

We met them in Masters K's Penthouse hotel Suite. Beautiful view, expensive wine. We changed and sat to enjoy wine with them before retiring to the bedroom. Master K had brought a few toys with him including a Perseus Flogger. I had his sub bend over and pulled down her pantyhose and pink panties. Then with my hand I started to spank her lovely white cheeks until they turned a lovely pink colour. Then I progressed to a paddle her cute rump getting very red. Finally I got to use Perseus. What a lovely swing and thud he has. Her cheeks starting to turn very crimson and angry looking. Eventually she begged for mercy.
 I kissed her sweet cheek's.  Then turned her onto her back. I took the riding crop and whipped her nipples. Then leaning forward I sucked and pinched and bit her nipples. Then I moved the crop down and pushed her legs open. I slapped her pussy a few times I could see it was getting her wet. I slid my fingers inside her wet pussy and then licked and bit her clit until she came and gushed all over my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and had her lick them clean. The guys are stood watching with throbbing erections.

More to come ......

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mantra and Masturbation Schedule for my online subs

Your Mantra:

Clear your mind, prepare your body for service. Get on your knees and recite the following. I am a slave. I belong to Mistress Anna. My mistress owns me mind , body and soul.                                                             


                Seven Day masturbation schedule

                             You may begin any day of the week

Day 1 - No touching just fantasize about having it touched. Remember you are a slave to me not your cock. 

  Day2- You may play and cum, but only if you can cum in 4 minutes. If you don't you must stop and deal with a spoilt orgasm.                                                

Day 3,4. - same as Day 1.                                                                      

Day 5- You may cum. But, you must cum into a ziploc bag and eat it after.  If you can't do that then same as Day 1.                  

 Day 6 - Same as Day 1.                                              

 Day 7- Your special Day. You are granted permission to cum after repeating your mantra and being grateful that Mistress Anna has devoted any time and effort to you and your puny cock.


Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Life Of A Sissy


Tonight, She rang and ordered me to wear my see through maid outfit and not to wear any panties. The last time this happened, She brought one of her workfriends home and made me perform my oral duties in front of Her, while my sissy cock was on display for all Her friends to see.

My Mistress has dozens of photos of me, feminized and sissified in maids outfits and in various bondage positions, with various humiliating devices, attached to my sissy cock or rammed into my bottom and mouth.

She takes great delight in having them developed at our local photo store and having me pick them up from the young girls at the counter, She will send me on a busy 
Saturday morning with a full kinky outfit beneath my male clothes and very faint make up on my eyes and lips, which i can taste when i am in the store licking my lips at the embarrasssing routine the young girls put me through.(there is one young blonde girl, Rachel, who teases me unmercfully, forcing me to look at every photo and asking me quite loudly where i get my stockings from)When i pick up the photos, they open them up, spread them on the table and ask me whether they are mine.

When i return home, i have to remove my male clothes at the door, slip into very high heels and immediately take the photos to my Mistress.She inspects my sissy cock to measure the amount of precum i have produced and how hard i am, if it is not enough i have to take off her panties with my teeth and wank until she is happy, but not to come.i then have to service her through her nylon panties while She looks through the photos. After She has had her pleasure i am made to stay in that position with my nose to her panties until i am ordered to move.

i am a very obediant sissy and love the feeling of being ordered to perform for my Mistress, who treats me very cruelly but gives me her full attention.

Lately at night i have been tied up at the bottom of the bed with Her that days used panties in my mouth, stockings, garter, and pink baby doll nightdress, with no panties. She has taken to playing with the head of my sissy cock with Her stockinged feet which She rarely removes. When She is satisfied She has enough of my precum on her reinforced toes, she will smear it all over my face giving special attention to my nose.i am ordered not to come, which is very hard, as i am always in a state of high arousal, from being constantly surrounded by the strong scent of my Mistresses love juices, clothes and shoes.

i must go as the time nears when She will arrive and expect me on my knees in my submissive position. it sometimes takes me 30 minutes to pleasure my Mistress when she assertively steps through the door and raise Her skirt for me to nuzzle under. The sight of her black nylon stocking tops almost bring me to orgasm and i have to fight very hard to keep my concentration.Lately Her womanly juices have become very highly perfumed and the taste has changed in a very pleasent way. my sissy cock is oozing in anticipation of the coming event as my Mistress has ordered me to have the plastic ruler between my teeth.


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Preparing For A Sissy Gangbang

Yesterday I had a lovely play date with the scrumptious Miss SV. We have been play partners for a number of years . Yesterday we did lots of practice for a Sissy gangbang. She was sucking Miss Anna's cock and getting pegged all in preparation for the men with puny cocks who Miss Anna is going to invite around for her to suck. Miss Anna will also pick a couple of the puny cock guys to fuck her. While this is going on Miss Anna will be sat in a comfy chair sipping on her glass of wine watching all the action and directing play.                                                 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Pee pics off blog reader

Below are some amazing pee pics off Blog reader Mr W.
Love how the flow comes off his hand and love that he's soaking one of my pics
He does lick them after too
It gets me very horny looking at them

Monday, 25 September 2017

Welcoming Substoon to the pegging club

About a year ago I met a guy at a class I was doing on pegging. We kept in contact after and when the occasion arose that he was in the city I live on business we got together. This would be his first Domme/ sub experience so I decided to keep it more sensation and low impact. The idea being to make it an enjoyable experience. It takes time to discover what you like and your pain threshold. Going to hard on an inexperienced player just gives them a bad experience. 

   When I arrived at his hotel room he was dressed ready. While I changed in the bathroom he poured me a glass of wine. We sat down and had a drink before playing. He was a little nervous, mixed with excitement and alcohol is good for relaxing you.

 We started with some sensation play to get the endorphins going. Once he had an erection and his cock was leaking I knew we had reached a good level. I started with some cock binding. Progressing up to a helicopter and some clothes pins. Just the right level of pain I hoped.

 We progressed then to some impact play. He had a surprisingly high level for spanking and I was able to use more than just my hand and a flogger. His cheeks had a really good colour going but I stopped before it started to leave marks likely to bruise.

 Now, for the reason he wanted to meet , the pegging. I started with various plugs, including a vibrating one to build up to strap on. He took the strap on like a pro.

 Later he pleasured me his Mistress orally giving me some lovely orgasms. Before I left he was granted permission to orgasm by masturbation.   

  With the permission of Substoon some pics of his first adventure .


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

QQQ Breasts

The other day I was watching the tv show " My Strange Addiction". On it was a lady addicted to breast enlargement. She was currently a  LLL   and wanted to go up to an unheard of QQQ  .I'm not sure if she found a Plastic Surgeon willing to do it
.I'd be interested in hearing if she did. Now I;m all for freedom of choice its your body and if that makes her happy then im not about to criticize someones choices in life.
My question is would you have plastic surgery ?
Such as the following :-

Penis stretching and enlargement surgery

Labiaplasty,  Braxilian Butt lift, Vaginoplasty

I'm thinking firstly sounds painful. Secondly I could be a whole new woman
I could maybe even sell my newly bought virginity on ebay.
I think I could start bidding at a $1. I might even get lucky and get $1.25

Above is a picture of the lady in question and below some cheeky little pics of me.