Wednesday, 9 May 2018

When a Male Dom asks for a demo

                                                                         A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a male Dom wanting me to give him a lesson on candle wax. His submissive wanted to do it and he wasn’t sure what wax to use etc. I agreed to give him a demo. However on the said day the sub unexpectedly had to pick up a sick child from school. So, the Dom became my sub for the purpose of the demo. I showed him the low temperature body wax candles. Explained where he can buy them. Then used his naked body to demonstrate. I slapped his skin a little just to warm it up and he asked me what level was I spanking at. He said it feels like a medium. I couldn’t contain my laughter and said it was just warm up play. I was only lightly slapping the skin. I asked if he wanted to feel a medium slap. He said yes. Oh did he squeal when I slapped him lol. You can see my hand mark on his skin. I don’t think he’d make the cut as a sub.    


  1. Everything i do...its still there it hopless trying get make it go away but i am going try ONE DAY it will be gone enjoy andrea_sky

  2. Don't you just love when life tosses you an unexpected adventure?! Great post!

  3. It was unexpected. I was expecting to be teaching him not playing with him.