Tuesday, 9 January 2018

A Special Memory

                                                                   Ten years ago I was on a site called My Space. I’m sure some of you will remember that site. I met some amazing people on that site. One of them was an amazing Australian woman. She was a tall, slender beautiful redhead. We became really close cyber friends sending each other gifts in the mail. Eventually we both ended up telling the other that we had a sexual attraction to the other. Just by chance she was going to London on vacation and I was also planning a trip to Britain to visit an elderly relative. So, we planned our trips so I would be in London the same time as her for 3 days. She had arrived 2 days before me and came to meet me at the airport. She was just so beautiful. We hugged and kissed and went to the hotel room. I said I needed to shower after being flying and in transit for 24 hours. I stripped off in the bathroom , got in the shower and was washing my hair. I didn’t hear her getting in with me. The first time I realized it was when she was stood behind me kissing my neck with her hands cupping my breasts. I turned to face her and we kissed. Such a soft passionate kiss. My body just melted. My pussy so wet with anticipation. I sucked on her beautiful firm little breasts. Her nipples hardening between my teeth. We got out of the shower and dried each other off. We got on the bed. Kissing and stroking each other. Our wet hair soaking the pillows. She pushed me onto my back and slowly licked and kissed my body. I was tingling with want. Wanting her fingers, her lips to touch my pussy. Wanting her to taste me. When her fingers touched my pussy lips, parting them, exploring with her fingers a gasp escaped my lips. I was so wet I swear I could feel it like a river running out of me. Then like an exquisite dream she started to lick me. Oh my god she had the most amazing tongue her long beautiful red hair wrapped in my hands as I had the most incredible orgasm. We lay in each other’s arms cuddling while my body recovered. Then I said to her it’s your turn. I kissed her breasts, so soft and responsive. Her soft belly and thighs and finally my kisses finding her soft smooth pussy. My fingers and tongue touching exploring her intimately. Seeing how she responded to my touch. Tasting her. How wet she got. My fingers inside her and my tongue slowly, gently teasing her clit. Feeling her orgasm. So special. We cuddled up after and kissed , tasting ourselves on the others lips before drifting off into a luxurious dreamy sleep.


  1. That's a pretty hot recollection.

  2. Her name was Amanda. I found some old emails from her last week and it awakened some memories. In my mind I could recall her touch, how she smelt , how perfect she felt in my arms.

  3. My college roommate was a perfect match for me, we had so much in common. We both were not interested in the males and just enjoyed one another company. We spent a week at her Mother's home, divorced, old school, nice big house, each of us had our own room.
    We partied, came home late, was told each time, we better curtail it, we did not. We both were hungover from the previous night, it was late morning, both of us standing in the kitchen getting a lecture from her mother. Looking at her daughter, get to the bedroom, Yes Mommy and she did as told. You too get to the bedroom and wait for me, yes Mam. I soon heard my girlfriend crying, pleading, promising to be good and then I heard her passing my door and told she better not move, Yes Mommy she said. When the door opened I stood and just saw the hairbrush. She pulled a chair out and sat down, been warned young lady, maybe this will help and over her lap I went, my bottom bared and I soon was acting just like her daughter. The walk to the front room and those extra spanks I just wanted to it to end. Both of us faced the wall, very red bottoms on display. When she said we could get dress, we did so quickly. When we got back to our dorm room, we inspected our bottoms, it had been a couple of days, but still red and sore. We tried to hide this from the others, but in the showers, it was obvious we both had been spanked. We have since gotten married. My husband had proved to be the better spanker and our sex life is wonderful. Her mother at first was not approving our marriage but now realizes she has a new daughter. Rules in her home still apply and at times one or both of us had a trip to the bedroom.

  4. hot story Anna! mmmm