Monday, 29 July 2019

Piglet Was A Bad Boy

I've been working on a regular basis with piglet. Stretching his butt hole bigger and bigger so that eventually i could get my arm up him. We made major headway yesterday. getting my hand in up to my wrist. Piglet was a bad boy after though. He got far too excited and got semen on his Mistresses outfit, after being told he wasn't allowed to cum.
As a punishment he received 4 sharp slaps with the crop on his penis. A very painful experience on an already sensitive cock
He was then sent to lick the toilet seat and beg for forgiveness.

On another note, im possibly going to add a naughty girl to my play. We have been chatting for a while and plan to meet soon.Shes in her thirties and wants to be mommys little girl. So,stay tuned for updates on that.


  1. What a perfectly humiliating punishment. Your the best Mistress Anna

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