Monday, 29 July 2019

Piglet Was A Bad Boy

I've been working on a regular basis with piglet. Stretching his butt hole bigger and bigger so that eventually i could get my arm up him. We made major headway yesterday. getting my hand in up to my wrist. Piglet was a bad boy after though. He got far too excited and got semen on his Mistresses outfit, after being told he wasn't allowed to cum.
As a punishment he received 4 sharp slaps with the crop on his penis. A very painful experience on an already sensitive cock
He was then sent to lick the toilet seat and beg for forgiveness.

On another note, im possibly going to add a naughty girl to my play. We have been chatting for a while and plan to meet soon.Shes in her thirties and wants to be mommys little girl. So,stay tuned for updates on that.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Introduction To Becoming A Slave

This is chapter two of db's writing. hope you enjoy it.

The time finally arrived for the visit to Mrs. R______’s home. Davy had waited impatiently for the day to come. He dressed in blazer and gray slacks and shirt and tie. He would probably have dressed this way in any event, but he recalled her specific instruction. He had purchased the two bottles of Shiraz (along with a corkscrew---it might be possible she didn’t have one). He had consulted with the wine merchant on a good quality wine.

She on her part prepared for the visit. She prided herself on having an attractive home and made sure everything was in its place. She set out some candles to light just before the arrival time to provide a proper atmosphere. The atmosphere she sought was not romantic but rather ceremonial and to lend a hint of mystery. Then she bathed and dressed. She put on a set of matching black bra, panties and stockings held up by garters. Although he wouldn’t see the undergarments, she believed that every part of her attire should be coordinated. She put on a green silk blouse with button front and a short black skirt. She had considered a leather skirt (she had several) but thought it would be premature to wear this time. Adding some jewelry, a necklace, with a dazzling green emerald, she completed her outfit with a favorite pair of black stiletto heels.

The doorbell rang, she noted approvingly, just at the appointed time. She answered the door and she recognized immediately - from his widened eyes and his silence for several seconds on seeing her - that he was very impressed by her appearance. She noted his gaze was drawn towards the emerald necklace which pleased her since it held some significance. She extended her arm for a brief, formal handshake. A few pleasantries were exchanged as she led him into the living room. On a coffee table she had set out two wine glasses, some cheese slices on crackers, water glasses and a carafe and some napkins. Several candles had been lit and the overall lighting was soft, not too bright. She directed him to an upholstered chair opposite one she sat in. “You may open the wine and pour it for us, Davy. Then we can begin our discussion. And I expect you to refill my glass when it is empty.”

Both took several sips from their glasses and looked across at each other. After some further light chat, he said with innocent enthusiasm, “I’m very happy to see you and to be here, Mrs. R_______.”

“I’m pleased to hear that,” she replied “but please bear in mind, as I will explain later, that this is not merely a social visit. It is also an occasion for us to evaluate whether you can adapt to, and conform to, my standards and be allowed further visits….and instruction.” She sipped her wine. She was conscious how attentive he was to every word and how his eyes were constantly on her. “Are you enjoying the wine, Davy?”  ---“Yes, very much” he replied. “And if I may say so, this is a very attractive home you have.”

“Good. And if you satisfy me, you will be allowed to return in the future. Do you notice how the red wine makes my lips seem fuller, richer?” She pushed her lips out into a pout-like expression and then smiled at his obvious loss of composure. She then moved about in her chair, seeming not to notice that her skirt had ridden up her thigh to reveal some of the stocking top. He was unable to move his eyes away from there for about the half minute until she resumed speaking. She thought to herself, “He is responding exactly as I planned.” She continued, “By the way, I have been enjoying the book you bought for me. I like its literary quality and find certain aspects of it very much in line with my own philosophy. I believe in a Female-led relationship, certainly for myself. As I told you when we met, I am very independent and do only what I wish.  I told you also that you must not come here with any expectations whatever. In any situation involving us--- and in my home especially--- I am in complete charge and take all initiatives. I am repeating these things so there is no question or misunderstanding. You always have the freedom to leave if you do not like what I say or do or tell you to do. Do you remember agreeing to these conditions, Davy?”

“Yes, I remember, Mrs. R_______”. He felt somewhat nervous and wondered where this was all leading.
“And do you reaffirm your agreement now?”
“Yes, Mrs. R________.”

Seeming to change the subject, she said, “It is an enjoyable wine, Davy…and please do pour me some more.” They had both drunk enough to feel a bit looser and less inhibited. As he leaned forward to pour, she surreptitiously removed one of her earrings and dropped it to the thickly carpeted floor beside her chair. As he looked back up, she felt for her ear and said, “Oh, I seem to have dropped my earring. Would you, as the gentleman you are, help me find it here on the floor?…It is a favorite of mine.” She stood as if she was also going to look. But she pointed to the side of her armchair and he got down on his knees to look there…. feeling around in the carpet pile. After a few moments, he was able to locate the earring…. he held it up and was about to rise again….
As he did so his eyes caught the sparkle of the emerald. It seemed to dance and dazzle in front of his eyes. For several moments he was unable to look away or move until he heard her say,“I’m glad you like my necklace it does hold a special place in my heart, as I’m sure it will in yours in time”.

She thanked Davy for the earring but then held her hand out. No, don’t get up just yet. I feel it would be best that you remain there while I tell you something. I strongly believe that posture, being on their knees, is where all men belong when they are with me. It should symbolize the relationship between me and men, including you if you wish to come here again.” She was standing above him now. “Assume a sitting position and remove your shoes and socks. And then return to the kneeling position. Now, Davy!” She realized this was a significant moment, that giving this order was a test of his compliance. She secretly hoped he would comply because, compared to many males she had encountered—like her ex-husband---, he seemed like someone whom, properly conditioned, she could bear to be with.

He looked up at her somewhat quizzically and seemed to hesitate. She added, “Wearing shoes and socks imposes a restriction on you; its part of the need to be in male clothing…and I want to free you from that restriction. This is something I will instruct you in, in the future, Davy” He did exactly as she instructed, and she smiled.

“One other point you must understand”, she said. “I may-or may not- give a reason for something I tell you to do. That is my prerogative. But I always expect you to comply.” If you do not….” she paused…. looking down at him. She, as if unconsciously, moved a hand from her hip and undid a button on her blouse, showing a bit of her bra.
 Then she continued. “Davy, you are here for me to determine whether I think you are worthy for me to train you as my submissive….do you understand what a submissive is?”

“Y—yes, I think I do”, he answered. From his kneeling position he reached for his glass and took a rather long swallow from it.

“What that implies, among other things, is that I can correct you if you fall short and discipline you if you disobey or don’t meet my standards. And the ultimate sanction… …is your permanent dismissal. You wouldn’t want that, would you?” 

He replied with obvious sincerity, “No, Mrs. R________. I wouldn’t want that.”

“Well, I think we are through for this evening,” she said. “Now, I will expect you to return a week from now. I do not want you attempting to contact me unless some emergency arises. Put your socks and shoes back on while I make up a brief list. And then you may rise.” A few minutes later she returned. “This is a list of shoe cleaning supplies. I’ve noted that you keep your shoes in good condition. I am going to give you an opportunity to serve me practically the next time you come by cleaning and polishing my shoes and boots. You do find these shoes I’m wearing rather attractive, don’t you?”

She led him to the door and again shook hands with him in that formal way of hers and sent him on his way. 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Cum Sandwich

During the past week I had been discussing with piglet various ways to control his orgasms and at the same time humiliate him. I regularly expect my slaves to eat their cum after I allow an orgasm. So, I had to think up something a little more inventive.
In the past I have had another sub cum into his coffee and drink it and he did struggle with that. However, this time I decided on a cum sandwich. Piglet would be permitted to cum inside a condom in my presence and then I would make a sandwich with the contents.
I arrived at piglets house, knowing how sexually frustrated he would be having being denied permission to cum all week. I decided today would be more pleasure than pain. So, I teased his naked body with a tickler, poured hot wax over it. Then deep scratches with my long nails, followed by ice cubes and the pin wheel. I could feel his hard cock throbbing in my hand. I knew he was desperate to cum and so close.
But, not yet. I move my attention to his nipples. Pinching, biting them, twisting them. Then slipping on my black latex glove, I applied lube and let my fingers penetrate his ass and start stroking his prostrate.  Just gentle strokes keeping him right on the edge of orgasm.
Eventually after keeping him on the edge for some time. I remove my gloves and slide a condom onto his cock. I start to gently masturbate his cock with one hand the other one stroking his balls. Very quickly piglet cums and fills the condom with very thick cum. I remove the condom and head off to the kitchen.
I tell piglet he may follow on his hands and knees. I can tell he is physically exhausted from the play but obediently does as he’s told.  I thickly butter some bread and then squeeze the cum on top. I cut the sandwich into 4 and sit on piglets recliner. He crawls over and I hand him the napkin with the sandwich on. His face has a look of uncertainty. I expect the reality of actually having to do it has just dawned on him. He takes a bite and starts to gag. I squeeze his nose and say just swallow it you dirty piglet. He swallows and between moments of him gagging and pleading for mercy (which was not given ), the entire sandwich was eaten. 
Before leaving piglet thanks me and kisses my feet.

Friday, 5 July 2019

Where do you find a Domme

As many of you are already aware i have for many years had a sissy slave db. 
db has been working on a story about our chance meeting and the early days of our relationship.
This is the first chapter.

 Anna enjoyed her occasional weekday days off from work. She liked to dress up and go into the city and perhaps, like today, visit the art museum and then a bookstore (or shop) and enjoy some tea. She had been divorced only about a year and her children were now living away. She was enjoying her freedom. She had a responsible and demanding job and made sure that she made the most of her leisure time. She was a very independent woman. 

At the museum there was a talk and slide show on Renaissance depictions of beauty in mythology.  Using themes from myth allowed the artists to freely portray nude and semi-nude voluptuous women. One painting which stood out in her recollection was Titian’s Venus with a mirror showing the full-figured Goddess with a fur-lined robe around her lower body.

After her leisurely museum visit,  Anna went to an independent bookshop in town which she liked. She often found something unusual there which caught her attention. She had been some minutes browsing when she noticed a man not far from her. While he too had been looking at books, she did observe that he often looked over at her when he thought she might not notice. He was dressed casually and seemed reasonably athletic in appearance. He would be unlikely to be in this kind of bookshop, she thought, if he wasn’t literate. She herself was wearing a dress, hosiery and heels, as she often did for this kind of day.  She was also used to being admired by men.

As it happened, they were only about five feet apart when she saw a book with the Titian Venus on the cover. It was Venus in Furs by Leopold Sacher-Masoch. She smiled to herself, picked up the book and then turned full face toward the man and said, “Are you familiar with this book?”, holding it out toward him. His face colored immediately, surprised by her directness, and he stammered a bit…” Ah, yes, Ma’am…. I am…. It’s sort of a classic. Some people think it’s about deviant sex… (he cleared his throat) and perverted…. but it is more than that.”

He seemed educated, she thought, and perhaps might amuse her. “Buy the book for me. I’ll be in the adjoining tearoom. Bring it to me there and we’ll have tea together.” She handed him the book and without another word left, going to the Tea Room.

. A few minutes later, he was in the Tea Room. It had a section with high backed booths with a certain amount of privacy. She was seated in one of those toward the rear. He thought, on seeing her with coat off that she bore some resemblance in his mind to the book’s cover painting. Tea had already been ordered and was being brought with some cookies when he arrived at the booth.

She smiled at him. “Well” she said, “I thank you for the book and for taking me to tea. Let us introduce ourselves.” He noticed the bill had been left at his side of the table.

“My name is Dave”, he said. “I did notice you in the bookstore and was happy to have an opportunity to chat with you.” She responded, “My name is  Anna R One thing I want you to know about me is that I feel very strongly that there is too much informality in the world and not enough respect shown to women. For example, a store clerk might look at a credit card and address me by my first name. Can you imagine?  I will rather sharply correct such a presumption. Where I work—I’m a nurse, by the way--- I insist that even the head of the facility address me properly and formally, as “Mrs. R_______”. I demand respect and, in fact, deference. And I demand it from everyone.”

“I understand, ahh---Mrs. R_______. And I think a lady should be properly respected. I hope I’ve done alright so far.”

“Yes, you have, Davy, --so far”, she replied, not explaining why she used the diminutive and didn’t ask about his last name. But he did not react negatively to it. “My experience with my former husband was unpleasant. He was coarse and frankly undeserving of my attention. We married young and I soon outgrew him in terms of character and sophistication…. I’ve been divorced for about a year and a half.” She had been speaking clearly, and matter-of-factly but firmly. She gave the impression of self-assurance and confidence.

He was trying to think of whom she reminded him from his past. Then he remembered, his Aunt…she had been his mother’s first cousin but because she was older, she was referred to as “Aunt”. He had spent time with her as a boy and she had often been quite strict and spanked him. But he also remembered that she had occasionally allowed him to rest his head on her lap or her capacious bosom, sometimes after disciplining him. Funny that he would think of her now but there was some resemblance in appearance and manner.

There was a bit more conversation about their backgrounds including that he was not currently in a relationship. Although he had finished his tea by this time, he did not make any motion toward leaving. There was a pause in the conversation, and he said, “I enjoy conversing with you. You seem to be a very intelligent and self-possessed person.” She smiled.  Then he said….” Ah, Anna---oops, excuse me, Mrs. R_______, I’d love to take you to dinner sometime, if you’d like.”

She looked him directly in the eye and paused a moment before replying. “I am really not interested in dating. There may be times when I will attend an event and may want a well-behaved and attentive companion, but I will initiate the request. I am very independent and do only what I wish. So, your offer, while probably well-intended, is declined.”

He looked a bit downcast and was about to stand up…. But then she said, “I assume your offer was made because you would like to see me again.” He assented promptly. “Well, I will allow you to visit me at my home and perhaps you’ll meet my standards. You may stay seated and I will elaborate.”

She took out her pocket diary and looked at it. She turned it toward him with her finger pointing to a date. “Are you free then?” In about a week’s time? You must not come with any expectations whatever… You will realize that in my home I am in complete charge and take all initiatives. If you are unhappy with what I say, how I do or conduct things, you are free to leave. Are you willing to accept those conditions, Davy?”

He did not fully understand the reasons for her apparent sternness, but he knew that he did want to see her again. He found her very attractive physically and she had a very mellifluous voice with a Welsh accent. But he also admired her strength of character. 
“I do agree with those conditions, Mrs. R_______” he said. She handed him a little note card with the address, date and time written on it. “You will be there then?”   “Yes, Ma’am”.

She added, “You will bring two bottles of a good quality Shiraz—are you familiar with the varietal? And you will dress in jacket and tie. Understood?” “Yes, Ma’am”, he again replied. She extended her hand and arm for a good-bye handshake. “I’ll look forward to seeing you then.” He helped her on with her coat and off they went their separate ways.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Watch Out Subs

Piglet was waiting for me. All smooth and hairless as his mistress had instructed.
After greeting me with a drink and a little light conversation Miss Anna opens her toy bag and says we should begin.
Piglet scurry's around preparing things for me. Crisco fat, towel, paper towel and wipes. I tell him to go to the room and I will be in shortly. I change into a more appropriate outfit and the enter the bedroom. Piglet was on his hands and knees bum in the air.
I set my toy bag on the floor and piglet has some jazz music playing in the background
I begin by running my nails down his back. Each time getting deeper. Its been a long time since ive done this. Oh how ive missed it.
I scoop out some thick white Crisco with my fingers and rub it around his anus. Then i slide my finger inside. Each time it goes deeper, taking control of his inner body.I then use a second finger and build up until im using my whole hand. Giving him a nice anal fisting. I notice he is getting really aroused. So,i decide to change it up and use some toys. a nice vibrating inflatable anal butt plug. A nice vibrator on his prostrate. He looks quite deliriously out of it. I get my strap on out of my bag. Im feeling tense and excited. I grab his hips and my cock penetrates him. I hear him gasp as it slides deep inside. My hips thrusting it, in and out.I feel wild doing it. Slapping and scratching him. I haven't felt this level of exhilaration in a long time. I hear him yell out as he explodes cum all over the bed and slumps in a heap before me. Finally after a year im back. Watch out subs.........

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Female One

 This piece of writing was forwarded to me by db. I think its just perfect.

So many lives are so scattered in this modern world. We rush through our days with so many concerns,this and that,work and hobbies and the gym and it all seems just beyond our reach. We believe that if we just grasp for the next lesson ,the next book,the next self-help concept then our lives will become balanced. What we do not see is that the very scattered nature of the quest,the seeking is the primary problem.So many grains of sand,when what is needed is a single unifying One that helps all things make sense,fit into a single framework,provide a single guiding principle to which you can turn,that you can obey. It feels so good to have that single source of guidance to obey.You have wanted it for so long,that one source of guiding power that you can follow,submit to,look to, obey,obey,obey. You have wanted to focus on One for so very,very long.Unity is missing in this modern world. Bring your life into a single focus. One single focus.One single powerful focus.Something beyond yourself,more powerful than yourself. Think about that now,feel it in your life,listen to the small voice crying for that focus,see yourself calmly moving through life obeying that single powerful Female One in your life, that brings all together and makes it make sense.