Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mistress Anna's Pet

A few years ago I decided to buy db a special Christmas present. I went to the local Wal-Mart Store and purchased a large dog collar, a leather leash and a stainless steel dog dish.  I also ordered a dog tag off a vendor on eBay and had it engraved with the words- Property of Mistress Anna.

I wrapped them up and presented them to him. I think he was a little shocked when he saw them.  He protested about me taking him to a new level of degradation. But ,i  told him Mistress knows best. db was still unhappy and shaking his head when I fastened the collar around his neck. I fastened the leash to the collar and told him to get down on his hands and knees and crawl around like a dog. Reluctantly he did ,but when I put the dogs water dish in front of him he just looked at it. By this time i  was losing patience and pushed his head into the water dish and took the leash and gave him several hard slaps across the buttocks and thighs. Then with teary eyes he  recited Mistress Anna owns me and meekly submitted to drinking his bowl of water.
The image above shows an interesting variation with a cage .It might be something to consider. Also, I did read once about having your pet urinate in a cat litter box.  Maybe also something for future consideration.


  1. It was as You describe, Mistress. But over time, i became more accustomed to this and found a comfort in being Mistress' pet. This, after all, means She looks after me.
    i also find that i easily slip into a sense of euphoria when i am collared down at the feet of my Mistress. i thank Her for giving me these experiences.---db

  2. Your my obedient pet, Sissy and Slave db